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#WOOF #6miles of rolling hills #AH 😮 and I underestimated how hot it was outside and around 4.5 miles I was prettttty dehydrated #texasprobs - but I shaved a sliver off my time from earlier this week #tinywin 🌟BTW just bought these BCAAs and they legit taste like a green apple jolly rancher #YUM 🍏

#WOOF I haven’t ran this far in months 🙈 way harder than I thought. I stopped twice… Once before a huge hill and another to take a picture of that dead butterfly. I really would love my time to be under 10 min miles but ill take it for now. ✊ If anyone wants to distance run Sunday let me know 🙋

Morning run ! Haven’t ran in over 3 weeks, so ill take it ✊ Now that it’s under a 100 degrees and slightly breezy it’s perfect running weather !😑😂 Plus there’s some really cool races I did last year that Ill probably want to do again #letstrain 🙌

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